Japanese Volcanic Mud Anti Acne Treatment Set FAR102000

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Japanese Volcanic Mud Anti Acne Treatment Set.

From Japan - a wonderful treatment to help with skin problems.

Really popular in Japan.

Contains lava clay, Vitamin B3 and aloe vera - great for exfoliating the skin.

A simple 3 Step treatment...

Step 1: Massage the Volcanic Mud Cream gently into affected areas of your skin, and leave for 5 minutes. Then wash off. This helps to control oily skin and clear pore-clogging debris for a clear skin.

Step 2: Apply Volcanic Mud Anti Acne Gel - rub onto affected areas after washing off the Mud Cream. Helps to promote skin healing and contains vitamin B3 and aloe vera.

Step 3: When your spots are fading, apply the Mud Cream Acne Care - this will fight and further fade blemishes and help visibly correct post blemish darkening.

Boxed set contains 3 x 10g tubes, one for each stage of the treatment.

Boxed dimensions: 10.5cm high x 13cm wide x 4cm deep.