Pack of 18 Waste Oil Disposal Pads FAR1015002

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Pack of 18 Waste Oil Disposal Pads.

A very useful product from Japan. Avoid blocking pipes if you have to pour away cooking oil. Add a pad into your used cool cooking oil and one pad will absorb up to 80ml (2.7fl oz) of oil, then you can dispose of it in your normal general household waste. Particularly good for those living in flats.

Each pack contains 18 pads. Use 1 pad for up to around 80ml of oil.

1. Place pad into cooled oil.
2. Once the oil has been absorbed by the pad, remove the pad and dispose.
Keeps your hands, sink and drainage pipes clean.

Approximate Pack size: approx 16cm high x 12cm wide x 8cm deep. 

Absorbent area of each pad approximately 11cm x 9cm.