Japanese Lacquer Lidded Rice Bowl - Set of 6 FAR1014946

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japanese_lacquer_lidded_rice_soup_bowl_set_of_6_img_5225japanese_lacquer_lidded_rice_soup_bowl_set_of_6_img_5224Japanese Black lacquer Rice Bowl with lidjapanese_lidded_rice_bowls_set_of_4_b

Japanese Lacquer Lidded Rice Bowl - Set of 6 (Six).

Made in Japan, and as found in many Japanese restaurants. Price is for a set of 6.

Lacquered plastic Rice Bowl with lid. Suitable for rice, or other food products.
Black outer colour, red interior. Not suitable for very hot liquids.

Lid can be used to keep the food warm and fresh, whilst it can also be used as a separate small bowl in its own right.

Dishwasher safe. Not for microwave.

Dimensions (including lid): 11cm diameter x 9cm high.