Thai Water Hyacinth Vases, 50cm high - 3 colours available. LAN100730_48

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Thai Water Hyacinth Vases, 50cm high - 3 colours available.

These tall vases are made from water hyacinth wrapped around a bamboo scaffold.

Available in 3 colours (see photographs):

1. Natural light colour.

2. Medium brown.

3. Dark Reddish Brown.

Water hyacinth was originally not a native plant in Thailand. This free floating plant was once presented by the Vietnamese King to the Thai King and was used as an ornamental plant on the rivers within the King's palace ground. After a storm some of the plant was washed out into the main river, and being very invasive in nature, it began to clog the waterways. Fortunately the Thais soon discovered that it was a plant which could be used for many decorative purposes and was put to good use.

These vases are for dried stems and not for containing water.

Small imperfections should be expected from these natural materials.

Approx dimensions: 50cm high, base 13.5cm square, top diameter 4.5cm. Stems are held to a depth of approx 25cm.