Thai Incense Cone Tubs - Choice of Fragrances, 110pcs FAR101544_969

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Incense Cone Fragrance

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Thai Incense Cone Tubs - Choice of Fragrances, 110pcs.


Aromatic Thai incense: wonderfully fragrant - not pungent. High quality. Great Selection of carefully chosen beautiful fragrances. We select our incense very carefully.

Each sealed tub contains approx 110 incense cones. Approximately 220g. Tub size approx 10cm high x 9cm diameter.

For freshness, cones are in a sealed plastic bag, inside a twist top clear plastic tub. This not only preserves the fragrance, but prevents the cones being crushed and broken.

Please note: As a special bonus a random selection of these packs will also include a small ceramic incense cone burner inside. This is not guaranteed and is a free bonus where present.

Choose from 4 individual fragrances:

Fragrances available:
Frangipani (yellow)
Citronella (green)
Orange Jasmine (brown)
Vanilla (light brown)