Authentic Karen Hilltribe fabric Cushion, Large 50cm, KC10 FAR102640

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Authentic Karen Hilltribe fabric Cushion, Large 50cm, KC10.

Square pillow.

Cotton. This a 100% authentic Karen hilltribe skirt fabric which has been made into a cushion. 
It is entirely hand woven with great skill into a beautiful traditional Karen design. The cushion you are buying is the EXACT cushion shown in the photograph.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The fabric is an original Karen skirt which has been actually been worn. Consequently it will have wear marks, imperfections and additional stitching. These faults must be expected. It is very rare to be able to buy anything like this outside of Thailand and these are very difficult to obtain. When finishing the cushions, coloured thread is left which can easily be unpicked to allow for adjustment of the filling once it has settled. If you choose to remove this, you will need to make a few simple stitches to sew the cushion securely again.

Grade A Polyester.

Approx size:
Approx size: 50cm high x 50cm wide x 20cm deep.