Thai Wooden Mortar and Pestle, 10 inch size FAR101048

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Thai Wooden Mortar and Pestle, 10 inch size

Made from wood, these are genuine Thai mortar and pestles, of the same kind used in Thai households.

If you've been on the beaches in Thailand you will also have seen them used to make Papaya Salad by the beach sellers.

This is a 100% authentic Thai cookery item, and is strong and durable. Exactly what Thai chefs use. Not a Western copy and as recommended as the ideal size for preparing those dishes which require a deeper bowl by Nuke (who is a tutor in Thai cuisine).

Large: weighs approx 3.5kg

Approx 25cm outer diameter, 26cm high (known as 10 inch size). Hand made, so exact size, weight and finish can vary slightly.